Volker Lankow - Music for Forgotten Places

Music possesses the ability to revive dormant locales, breathing new life into them. It has the capacity to infuse these vacant spaces with melodies and emotions, ultimately metamorphosing them into something extraordinary and enchanting. “Music For Forgotten Places” has become an instant favorite new release for me, as this is exactly how I felt when playing the album.

His music extends to forsaken places, offering solace, and easing the anguish and desolation they bear. It bestows upon them a glimmer of hope and rejuvenation. In a world where numerous locations are forsaken and left neglected, which Lankow has personally witnessed many times, his music assumes the responsibility of preserving their narratives. It becomes a means to pay homage to those who once inhabited and toiled within these spaces, ensuring their memories endure for generations to come.

I encourage each of us to listen to music when we find ourselves in forgotten places and observe how the environment responds. One might be astonished by the enchantment that unfolds when music converges with forgotten spaces. Lankow aspires for his ambient music to contribute toward this cause, and for the first two weeks of his album release one can pick it up as a name-your-price download through his BandCamp page.

Released June 15, 2023.


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Digital Download and preview on BandCamp.



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