Van der Graaf Generator – The Charisma Years

In September 2021, classic progressive rock group Van der Graaf Generator will release a super deluxe 20 disc (17 CD / 3 Blu Ray) box set titled “The Charisma Years”. It covers their entire recorded works for Charisma Records. That is all 8 unique and uncompromising albums remastered from the first generation master tapes plus much more between the years 1970 thru 1978. This limited exclusive edition also includes a postcard signed by Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton, Guy Evans, and David Jackson. For high resolution and surround sound fans the box set contains four albums, “H to He Who Am the Only One,” “Pawn Hearts,” “Godbluff,” and “Still Life” remixed from the original multi-track tapes in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound by Stephen W Tayler found across 2 of the 3 Blu-rays. Also featured are two CDs of a recently discovered and previously unreleased entire concert recorded in Paris in December 1976 by French radio and all of the surviving BBC sessions recorded by the band. Plus, the third Blu ray disc features all of the surviving VdGG television footage and promotional films, including the band's appearance on German TV’s “Beat Club” in 1970, a filmed appearance at The Bataclan in Paris in 1972 for the French TV show “Pop Deux”, the 1972 appearance on “Pop Shop” for RTBF Belgium, a live performance shot by Belgian TV in Chaleroi in September 1975, the promotional films of “Wondering” and “Cat’s Eye”, and a 20 minute documentary with live footage shot by Austrian television at The Kohfidisch Open Air Festival, Austria in June 1978.

Certainly, a desirable set for the all-in VdGG fan, the super deluxe box is packaged with a 68 page book and rare photos. It truly is a definitive account of the group’s career.

Scheduled for release September 3, 2021.


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20 disc limited edition super deluxe box set (17 CDs / 3 Blu-rays) containing 8 albums, bonus material and new 2.0 stereo and 5.1 surround mixes.  Also available as limited edition CD + DVD editions for four of the albums, and reissued on Vinyl.  Earlier editions available on Streamings Services.



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