Towner Galaher Organ Trio - Live

Swing out to "Live” by the Towner Galaher Organ Trio, the latest release by drummer, composer, and bandleader Towner Galaher. This album pays homage to the iconic jazz ensembles of the 1950s and 60s, capturing the spirit of that era with a modern twist. Galaher's fourth album as a leader showcases his exceptional skills alongside the talented Lonnie Gasperini on organ and Marvin Horne on guitar, both unsung jazz artists based in New York City.

Departing from his previous works, Galaher gets back to the roots on "Live." While his earlier albums highlighted original compositions, this release features five pieces composed by Gasperini, as well as standards from jazz organ music's finest. Galaher's versatility shines through as he delivers an impressive array of grooves, ranging from boogaloo to straight-ahead swing and jazz waltz, showcasing his mastery of various rhythmic styles.

Recorded during the Covid lockdown at Daddy Jack's in New London, Connecticut, "Live" captures a private event with a select audience of family, friends, and restaurant staff. Despite the intimate setting, Galaher and his band deliver a captivating performance that resonates as if they were playing in front of a large crowd. With Galaher calling the tunes on the spot, the trio effortlessly recorded all 14 tracks in under four hours, resulting in a raw and authentic musical experience. The album opens with the lively and swinging blues shuffle "One for McGriff," paying homage to the legendary Jimmy McGriff.

Featuring exceptional guitar work by Marvin Horne, the album reaches its peak with a thrilling rendition of Jimmy Smith's "Mellow Mood." The closing track, an alternate take of "One for McGriff," showcases even more soulful and bluesy solos by Horne and Gasperini.

The Hammond B-3 organ, deeply rooted in black churches, served as the foundation for many jazz masters. With this album, Galaher and his trio pay tribute to this timeless instrument and the classic sound it represents—a swinging, funky, greasy, and bluesy vibe. Galaher and his cohorts on "Live: Towner Galaher Organ Trio" deliver a remarkable addition to the collection of outstanding organ trio records.

Released April 7, 2023.}


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