THERMO - Birdlike

Check out THERMO's newest album release, "Birdlike" featuring the talents of guitarist Nathan Hiltz, a highly sought-after performer and composer, and pianist Mike Manny, a distinguished musician with a formal education from Humber College and Manhattan School of Music. The duo has teamed up to create a classic sounding jazz album with additional support on this musical journey from bassist Neil Swainson and drummer Morgan Childs.

The album, which was released on October 7, 2022, through G-B Records, is a testament to the skill and creativity of these exceptional musicians. "Birdlike" is a collection of original compositions that showcases the group's talent for blending classic jazz elements with modern sensibilities. From the dynamic interplay between Hiltz and Manny's instruments to the solid rhythms laid down by Swainson and Childs, every track on "Birdlike" is a wonderful collaboration of musicianship.

Listeners should find this new album by THERMO as one of the most exciting and innovative jazz ensembles in the contemporary music scene. Whether you're a longtime jazz aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, "Birdlike" is a fantastic listen from start to finish.

Released October 7, 2022.


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