The Tangent - Auto Reconnaissance

Over the past decade and a half the world of contemporary progressive rock music has seemingly solidify with bands who either tow the expected traditional lines of the genre, and those who step way outside those bounds to a point where they actually deny that their music is prog-rock. Then there's The Tangent who has featured a 70 minute menu on their 2020 release title “Auto Reconnaissance “ during which they easily move from prog-rock that is foot Stomping, onto some of the band's most sublime Jazz to date, find their way with humor, narrative, and blend in a modern R&B love song, plus journey into straight pop music, some funk/soul and a 28 minute long emotional epic about the band's home country of England. Laden with orchestration, jaw dropping instrumentals, melodies, and Andy Tillison's trademark story-telling at its best the album is available as a Limited Edition CD Digipak which includes a bonus track, or as a gatefold 180g 2LP + CD, and as a digital download.

Released August 18, 2020


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CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download, Also available on Streamings Services.



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