The Beatles - Let It Be

It is time to get back to the Beatles’ chart-topping 1970 album, “Let It Be,” available in a range of Special Edition versions to be released worldwide on October 15, 2021. One can dive in early with three tracks from the newly remixed and expanded edition which now are released as digital debuts including: “Let It Be” (2021 Stereo Mix), “Don’t Let Me Down” (first rooftop performance), and “For You Blue” (Get Back LP Mix).

The entire Let It Be album has been newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and engineer Sam Okell in stereo, 5.1 Surround DTS, and Dolby Atmos. All the new Let It Be releases feature the new stereo mix of the album as guided by the original “reproduced for disc” version by Phil Spector and sourced directly from the original session and rooftop performance eight-track tapes. The physical and digital Super Deluxe collections also feature 27 previously unreleased session recordings, a four-track Let It Be EP, and the never before released 14-track Get Back stereo LP mix compiled by engineer Glyn Johns in May 1969.

Scheduled for release October 15, 2021.


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Available in various formats including a CD + Blu-ray, Vinyl, CD and Digital Download editions, Also available on Streamings Services.



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