Spiralmaze - Back to the Center

When I first created Mediaversal, it was a promotional streaming site. I simply offered links to streaming albums that I felt would be interesting to my visitors. Naturally, these focused on less known and highly creative releases. I bring this up, as Spiralmaze had just introduced their second album of mainly instrumental music back then, drawing inspiration from the vibes of Ozric tentacles. 10 years on and fans can still pick up a copy of this CD, which was privately released by the band, and comprises of 7 psychedelic tracks.

The journey begins with the captivating "Multiuniverse," featuring a trance-like synth melody, brisk drumming, and a guitar solo reminiscent of Ozric tentacles founder Ed Wynne's style. "Hwang Ho" follows suit with a gripping bassline driving the track forward, peppered with dynamic guitar solos, including a guest appearance by Stel Andre.

"Remipede" echoes an Ozric vibe, with a riff reminiscent of "Vita Voom," accompanied by a vocal sample evoking Middle Eastern influences. The track transitions seamlessly between floating synths and melodic guitar solos, creating an elevating experience.

"Myriad Small Creatures" introduces a reggae-inspired guitar riff, layered with intricate synths and additional percussion by Vangelis Kalatzis. The track exudes a delightful charm with its varied instrumentation and vocal samples.

"The Longest Day," split into two parts, begins spaciously with ethereal synths, gradually building into a tight and funky groove in Part 2. The inclusion of delay guitar adds a unique texture, culminating in an exhilarating psychedelic driven wah-wah guitar solo.

Closing the record is the title track, "Back to the Center," featuring atmospheric drums, tribal rhythms, and dreamy synths that intensify towards the end. While drawing inspiration from Ozric Tentacles, Spiralmaze incorporates heavier metal-style riffs, notably in tracks like "Remipede."

Fans of Ozric tentacles, Quantum Fantay, and Mantric Muse are likely to find enjoyment in this album. The group has released a couple of albums since this earlier one, yet I felt compelled to spotlight “Back to the Center” as it marked throwback to earlier versions of this site and remains a favorite in my collection.

Released February 13, 2014.


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