Soft Machine - Live at the Baked Potato

Following the 2018 Soft Machine released titled “Hidden Details,” the band featuring electric guitarist John Etheridge, bassist Roy Babbington, drummer John Marshall and multi-instrumentalist Theo Travis playing saxophones, flute, and Fender Rhodes piano toured the world. This live album from their extensive tour was recorded at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles, CA on February 1, 2019 is now available on CD, 180g Vinyl, and Lossless Download.

For those uninitiated, Soft Machine released several fusion jazz albums in the 1970’s, during which several members of the band rotated through the lineup. Alternate projects with similar names including Soft Machine Legacy continued the tradition, and now 34 years later, the original band name has been brought back by players from the 70’s lineup. Their fusion magic continues, and this live performance incorporates both classic Soft Machine compositions along with selections from the newly penned Hidden Details album.

released June 10, 2020

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Available on CD, Vinyl, and Lossless Download.



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