Shalosh - Broken Balance

Broken Balance is the fifth album from Shalosh, the Tel Aviv based piano jazz trio pulling inspiration from classical music. With its traditional jazz trio format (piano, bass, and drums), the band members' hold deep roots in jazz and improvisation, Shalosh weaves its own tapestry and creates a unique and fascinating synthesis across genres. Including rock, classical, electronics, African and Middle Eastern music. The group’s history begins in Jerusalem, where childhood friends Matan Assayag (drums) and Gadi Stern (piano) formed the Jerusalem mythological group “Enoma Elish.” After the group split up, Assayag and Stern continued their musical partnership between Israel and New York, where Gadi lived at the time, inspiring and drawing inspiration from the local jazz scene. In early 2014, they decided to form Shalosh and quickly recruited bassist David Michaeli, one of the most promising musicians in Israel. Since the release of their first opus, The Bell Garden, in March 2014, the band has placed their mark on the international scene. This 2020 release, Broken Balance has fast become an essential listening by the editorial staff of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move, while saluting the remarkable musicians that are Gadi Stern (pianist) David Michaeli (bass) and Nathan Assayag (drummer).

Released October 30, 2020


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