Sanguine Hum - Now We Have Power

UK prog group Sanguine Hum released “Now We Have Power” in October 2018, a concept album which has been in development for nearly 12 years. This surrealist rumination on humanity’s future, framed around a crazy yet inventive man who, with the help of a cat, a stick of butter, and some common knowledge about physics and energy, attempts to solve the world’s energy crisis.

Um, well that gives one the basis for how inventive Sanguine Hum’s music is, and to add perspective it is indie infused, mellow, accessible post progressive rock.

Songs are rhythmically complex and lush, but highly melodic and palatable, guided by Joff Winks’s soft, unique vocals. The lyrics are profound, and one can even find Crimsonesque musicality embodied within the tunes underneath the coded wordsmithing that does not allow the story to definitively reveal itself. What makes Sanguine Hum so incredible is their ability to write both catchy and intricate songs which appeal to both the casual and more committed listener.

Released October 12, 2018

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Available on CD and Digital Download. Also on streaming services.



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