Ray Wylie Hubbard - Co-Starring

Ray Wylie Hubbard is the secret handshake amongst those who know. earthy, real, funky tunes that cross from outlaw country to the gritty side of Americana. His 16 album catalog has been swapped and played on the road for decades with a specialization in hard-edged character studies, rough-hewn, and compassionate meditations on life and relationships.. That passion for a man who is as much a renegade poet as a roadhouse saint brought together an eclectic mix of guests for this 2020 release “Co-Starring,” his first ever high-profile label release. Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, Pam Tillis, the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson, and Ronnie Dunn were just a few who clamored to jam with the wizened icon.

 Released July 10, 2020

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CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download.  Also via Streaming Services.



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