Pymlico – On This Day

Norwegian based progressive fusion band Pymlico diverge from their earlier light-hearted riff based rock on their sixth album "On this Day." The main composer and drummer, Arild Brøter matures into a rather unusual, if not slightly complex, stylistic combination. Continuing their super positive and optimistic melodies that take to flight over the multi-layered arrangements. Adding in a powerful brass section, Pymlico has given way to featuring these instruments as front line parts. Hiring a large number of musicians, including trombonists and trumpeters, it seems they wanted to get pretty close to a big band sound.

Always switching up the musical framework, the songs move between rock, funk, and rock-pop with a strong brass leaning. Some listeners may even be reminded of some of Phil Collins' solo releases. Yet, these tunes are distinctly more progressive and all instrumental allowing the melodic and solos of the saxes, guitars, and trumpets to carry the songs.

Released October 9, 2020


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