Paul McCartney & Wings - One Hand Clapping

50 years after their initial recording, the sessions for Paul McCartney and Wings “One Hand Clapping” are released for the very first time. Initially conceived as a television special in 1974, this project has now been brought to life as a 2-CD album, offering a unique glimpse into the post-Beatles era of McCartney's career.

The album showcases the seamless blend of McCartney's signature pop-rock sensibilities with creative undertones. From the anthemic "Band on the Run" to the introspective "Bluebird," each track is a showcase to McCartney's ability to craft timeless melodies. The inclusion of lesser-known tracks like "Soily" and "Junior's Farm" adds a layer of depth, highlighting the band's versatility and McCartney's knack for storytelling.

Production-wise, "One Hand Clapping" is a masterclass in balancing polished studio work with raw, live energy. The remastered tracks preserve the original charm while enhancing the audio quality, making the listening experience both nostalgic and refreshingly modern. The album's arrangement allows each member of Wings to shine, with Linda McCartney's harmonies and Denny Laine's guitar work providing the perfect accompaniment to Paul's iconic vocals and bass lines.

"One Hand Clapping" stands as a significant release, and this edition includes 12 tracks that didn’t appear in the original film, including reworked extracts of Beatles classics. Certainly, recommended for long-time fans of Paul McCartney and Wings, as well as for new listeners discovering the enduring legacy of one of music's greatest talents. This album is a reminder of McCartney's enduring influence on the music world and his relentless pursuit of artistic expression. The package includes original artwork, plus a TV sales brochure created for the film.

Released June 14, 2024.


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