Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Dirt and the Stars

Five-time Grammy-winner Mary Chapin Carpenter’s 15th studio album, “The Dirt and the Stars,” finds the singer-songwriter pondering life’s intimate, personal moments and exploring its most universally challenging questions at an unprecedented time. Written at her rural Virginia farmhouse before stay-at-home orders became the “new normal,” the songs celebrate invaluable experiences and irreplaceable wisdom, while also advocating exploration of the best in all of us. As one of just 15 women voted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, with over 15 million albums sold, 5 Grammy awards (from 15 nominations) and the recipient of two CMA and ACM awards, The Dirt and the Stars marks Carpenter’s first collection of all-new material since her 2016 release “The Things That We Are Made Of.”

Released August, 7 2020

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CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download, plus via Streaming Services.



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