Mark Winkler - The Rules Don’t Apply

Step right in, cats and kittens, and let me lay down the vibe on Mark Winkler's latest groove, "The Rules Don't Apply." It's a 21st-century jazz fest, folks, brought to you straight from the heart of the Los Angeles swing scene and hitting your eardrums like a smooth bourbon on a cool evening. A night out on the town, in the new-fangled smokeless nightclubs where crooners serenade listeners to their hearts’ content, it is all here on his latest album.

Winkler's been in the game for a minute, and he's no stranger to the spotlight. With his 21st album, he's bringing together a cadre of top-tier musicians to craft a sound that's as eclectic as it is timeless. From Grammy-winning pianist John Beasley to the sultry sax of Danny Janklow, this record is dripping with talent. His stylish vocals range is wide, swinging like a horn player, touching deep within on his sensitive ballads, and delivering a humorous song with a sly wink.

But it's not just about the players; it's about the songs. Winkler's pen game is strong, weaving tales of love, life, and the hustle of the city into each note. Whether he's crooning his own originals or interpreting tunes like the Greg Gordon Smith song "Sunday in L.A." or putting his spin on classics by Paul Simon, Lennon and McCartney, Donald Fagen, plus Randy Newman, he's got a knack for making you feel every word.

And let's not forget the vibe. From the smoky blues of "Jazz Swings" to the New Orleans-inspired romp of "Mama Told Me Not to Come," this album is a journey through the sounds of jazz past and present. It's like stepping into a time machine and landing smack dab in the middle of a '50s jazz club, with a modern twist that keeps you grooving all night long.

So, for listeners looking for a taste of old-school cool with a contemporary edge, look no further than Mark Winkler's "The Rules Don't Apply." It's jazz, baby, and it's never sounded so good.

Released January 24, 2024.


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