Marbin - Strong Thing

By 2019, Marbin is already a well-known secret to music lovers who are not satisfied with the mainstream lull. With tens of thousands of albums sold, over two hundred shows a year in hundreds of towns all over the US, and a cult-like following for their daily live feed, Marbin is back with their eighth album, Strong Thing, and they're taking no prisoners. All ten tracks on the album are packed with a unique blend of jazz, rock, jam, prog, tango, and more; it is as hard hitting and technical as it is sophisticated and musical. The interaction between the rhythm section, comprised of Marbin's veteran player Jon Nadel on bass and debut drummer Everette Benton Jr., is superb.

Guitarist Dani Rabin explains: “Unlike other bands that record an album and then tour to promote it, we approach our albums more like comedians creating their specials. We tour with a set of new material for a year and when it comes time to record it, we just go to the studio and bang it out the same way we do in our live shows.” The band’s saxophonist Danny Markovitch expands on the subject: "I think it makes our shows more fun as well. Our fans know that every time they come to see us they'll see a completely different set with new tunes.” Their albums convey this energy and every one of them has their own unique flair.

 Released December 1, 2019

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