Lunatic Soul - Through Shaded Woods

Lunatic Soul is the project of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mariusz Duda, who is also the lead singer of the popular prog-rock band Riverside. Created in 2008 by Duda to explore musical territories outside the rock domain, this 2020 release “Through Shaded Woods” is definitely the most refined and the richest sounding album from Lunatic Soul. The musical explorations include dark Scandinavian and Slavic folk which reference bands like Heilung or Wardruna. Following the heavily electronic sound of previous albums Fractured and Under the Fragmented Sky, Through Shaded Woods is completely devoid of electronics and is the first album in Duda’s discography on which he plays all instruments.

Released November 13, 2020.


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CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download, Also available on Streamings Services.



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