Kyra Gordon - Soul of a Showgirl

Some albums serve as a snapshot, capturing a musician at a particular moment in time. Berkeley vocalist, songwriter and piano/keyboardist Kyra Gordon’s Soul of a Show Girl is more like an Aaron Sorkin screenplay, with a series of sharply etched scenes distilled from a life that’s wended from Hollywood to Paris to a jazz conservatory in Berkeley. The music flows from the vicissitudes of her footloose life, glinting with insights she’s gleaned along the way. Possessing a rich, multi-hued voice, she's equally attuned to wry humor, headlong passion, bountiful gratitude and abject longing. Soul of a Show Girl is Gordon’s first album featuring her original material, and it introduces a songwriter with an outsized gift for setting emotionally incisive lyrics to beguiling melodic hooks.

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 Released April 22, 2022.

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Limited Edition CD or Vinyl LP via BandCamp, also available as a Digital Download.



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