Keyon Harrold - Foreverland

Harrold's album "Foreverland" is a vivid showcase of his talent as a trumpeter and composer. Released under Concord Jazz, this album stands out for its intricate blend of melody, harmony, and instrumental improvisation. Harrold's music in "Foreverland" explores a range of themes from empowerment and positivity to love, loss, and vulnerability. The album is enriched by the contributions of a stellar lineup of guest artists including Common, Robert Glasper, PJ Morton, and more, making it a dynamic and compelling listen.

The album doesn't just stick to traditional jazz; it ventures into soul and R&B territories, giving it a contemporary feel that is refreshing and inviting to a broader audience. Each track offers something unique, demonstrating Harrold’s versatility and depth as a musician. Foreverland is particularly well suited for those who appreciate jazz that intersects with other genres, offering both complexity and accessibility.

I find "Foreverland" to be a significant addition to the jazz landscape of 2024, highlighting Keyon Harrold’s creative prowess and his ability to craft profound musical narratives that resonate with a wide array of listeners.

Released January 19, 2024.


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