Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements - Strand in Strands

Kevin Kastning is a Berklee College of Music alumnus who has been called a revered guitarist and celebrated acoustic guitar wizard, and for good reason. With over 300 compositions to his name, and a discography spanning more than 40 albums, Kastning's work has garnered 13 Grammy® Awards firstround nominations since 2018.

Carl Clements, the internationally acclaimed jazz saxophonist hailing from Massachusetts, weaves a remarkable tapestry of sound on both Tenor and Soprano saxophones. With a conversational style that's both explorative and emotionally invested, Clements mesmerizes listeners with his pensées and visions, while the guitar provides a beautiful backdrop to his sonic wanderings.

Together, Kevin and Carl create gentle excursions of interwoven beauty, crafting an intricate dreamlike soundscape that's both enchanting and immersive. Their 2014 release, Watercolor Sky, was awarded the coveted title of Album of the Year by, a testament to their unique musical vision and innovative approaches to their instruments.

Their sixth album together, “Strand in Strands,” showcases the duo's deep understanding of each other's musical language, while pushing the boundaries of what's possible on their respective instruments. The album contains ten new duet compositions for 12-string Contraguitar, 17-string Extended Hybrid Classical guitar, 12-string Baritone guitar, and Tenor and Soprano saxophones.  For listeners of neo-classical, meandering wonderings that verge on the Avant Garde, this late 2022 release is a must for your collection. With more albums currently in the works, it's clear that Kevin and Carl's creative partnership is one that's built to last.


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