Joanie Pallatto - Accidental Melody

Chicago-based vocalist and songwriter Joanie Pallatto has released her 13th album, "Accidental Melody," which features over a dozen original tunes. The album showcases Pallatto's talent as a lyricist and includes collaborations with her husband Bradley Parker-Sparrow and renowned jazz guitarist Fareed Haque. Pallatto, a mainstay in the Chicago music scene for over four decades, co-owns Southport Records with her husband and has extensive experience as a studio singer and independent recording artist.

"Accidental Melody" highlights Pallatto's warm and slightly husky voice, with her personal style shining through. The album takes a more intimate approach by incorporating mostly acoustic instrumentation, thanks to the production expertise and insightful suggestions of Fareed Haque. Pallatto is joined by a stellar lineup of Chicago's top musicians, including bassist John Christensen, Bradley Parker-Sparrow on piano, guitarist Fareed Haque, plus percussionists Eric Hines and Juan Pastor.

The songs on "Accidental Melody" span different styles, with Pallatto's adeptness at writing philosophical, romantic, and clever lyrics shining through. From the salsa-inspired title track to the love song "Apart," written during a visit to Costa Rica, the album explores various themes. Other standout tracks include "A Shooting Star" with its tango feel and impressive guitar work by Haque, the intimate duet "The Melody of You," and the metaphorical "The Cuckoo Clock," which reflects on Pallatto's childhood.

The album also touches on significant moments in recent history, such as the Covid shutdown, as depicted in the closing track "The Lost Year." Throughout her career, Pallatto has performed at renowned venues like City Winery and The Green Mill in Chicago, as well as in New York City at esteemed clubs like Birdland. Her musical journey, influenced by greats like Chick Corea and Miles Davis, has shaped her versatile vocal style and deep understanding of jazz and popular music.

Joanie Pallatto's "Accidental Melody" promises to captivate listeners with its heartfelt lyrics, soulful vocals, and exceptional musicianship. It is a testament to Pallatto's enduring talent and her ability to craft compelling and timeless music.

Released May 19, 2023.


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