Jasmeno - Elixir

Jasmeno has released a new EP with entirely new material featuring special guests: Vocalist, Karolina Andrzejewska, who is known to the wider audience as the lead singer of Batalion d’Amour, guitar virtuoso Marek Depa, and the Radio Gdansk presenter Beata Szewczyk in spoken parts.

This 2021 release delves into difficult aspects of human existence with its lyrics based in poems by Tadeusz Miciński and Jan Andrzej Morsztyn. Sayings from the remarkable contemporary minds like the British philosopher Alan Watts or the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking make up an additional lyrical layer.

Released June 25, 2021


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Extremely limited edition CD and Vinyl, plus available as a Digital Download, Also available on many streamings services.



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