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Expanding on minimalism imbued with polyrhythms, the duo Hely, comprising of Lucca Fries playing the Piano and Jonas Ruther on Drums, has released their fourth full-length album titled "Plode." The album explores the dynamics of a relationship defined by the potential for its own undoing. Despite not dealing with relationship problems personally, the duo faced complications during the project, leading to heavy discussions and movement. The album reflects their different temperaments and musical approaches, emphasizing the acceptance of each other's differences.

"Plode" consists of five songs that have been meticulously refined over the years, with each composition originating from a previous record. The duo delved deeper into their ideas rather than seeking new ones. They spent extensive time exploring the possibilities and potential of each song, even playing them for 45 minutes at a time to uncover new avenues.

The album features a rhythmic concept and game rules for each song, with elements of unpredictability and predefined patterns. They also incorporated "kinetic energies," utilizing specific sounds, tempos, and dynamics expressed through body movements. Each song became a distinct world, emphasizing flow and groove.

The songs in "Plode" evoke diverse feelings and sensations that resonate throughout the body. They defy simple definition, representing complex and dynamic emotions found in real relationships. The album showcases a synthesis of Hely's beloved genres, including post-classical, minimal, avant-garde jazz, drone, and club music. "Plode" stands out as an intriguing record that knows no bounds, both emotionally and musically, encapsulating the essence of Hely's unique sound.

Released April 21, 2023.

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