Giovanni Francesca - Màrgo

Finding what’s essential by dropping what’s granted Giovanni Francesca leads his new trio on his 2020 release “Màrgo.” Both Dario Miranda on double bass and Luigi Del Prete on drums join the Italian guitarist on his new album, out now on Auand.

On his third album Francesca is even more wise and confident, after focusing on elaborated arrangements and orchestrations with refined timbers, on this new album “Màrgo ”he aims at the essentials, getting rid of extra layers in order to reach the core of his sound. His new approach informed the whole album since the beginning. He says, “The feeling of freedom is something I chased. Freedom from structures, from arrangements, even from a stiff music plan – all of which were part of my previous projects, I think. I believe the idea behind the new album was related to a bit of soul searching, as a musician and composer, and also as a man. I felt the urge to better balance the expressivity of my music, relying on that more than I did in the past – Here, I shape the music according to the moment and the level of communication with the musicians.”

Released July 3, 2020


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