Frank Zappa - The Mothers 1970 box set

Zappa Records/UMe have released a 4-CD collection commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1970 incarnation of the Zappa led Mothers of Invention band containing 70 unreleased tracks. The short-lived 7 month line-up included Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan (Flo & Eddie), George Duke, Ian Underwood, Jeff Simmons and Aynsley Dunbar. The set features unheard studio sessions from Trident Studios in London England with engineer Roy Thomas Baker, and historical live performances mostly captured by Zappa's own tape recorder. This new box set features over four hours of unreleased music and the set is housed in a clam shell box with 4 discs, booklet, and a button.

 The first CD presents unheard studio sessions while the remainder offer historical live performances. All recordings were sourced from their original tapes discovered in The Vault and digitally transferred and compiled by Travers in 2020. Some tracks were mixed by Craig Parker Adams and the collection was mastered by John Polito at Audio Mechanics.

Released June 26, 2020. 

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Box set with 4 CD's.  Also available as a Digital Download or through Streamings Services.



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