Fiona Joy Hawkins - Moving Through Worlds

When we move through parallel worlds, objects can exist in more than one location simultaneously, even though those objects are invisible to us in all but one location. And this is the basis for "Moving Through Worlds," the 2020 album from Australian new age pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins. This 14 track release features glorious piano duos with violin and cello, some songs include a fuller range of accompanists. She traverses lots of moods, rich with dynamic energy, while at points the sound is delicate and slow, and in other sections the feelings build, gaining velocity, then gently receding. Moving Through Worlds is an exploration of these moments during which we live: water, fire, climate change, survival, and the vanishing of a soul into the wind. Hawkins has tours China, the USA and is also a member of the group FLOW.

Released August 21, 2020


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