Eric Goletz - Standard-Ized

Eric Goletz, the American trombonist with a rich musical background, has dropped his third album, "Standard-Ized!" The jubilant album is all about the reimagining of classic jazz standards, with hip and modern arrangements that blend swing, Latin, and funk into Goletz's contemporary jazz sound. Having spent three decades as a composer and sideman, his previous two albums showcased his own compositions. However, with "Standard-Ized," Goletz has ventured into the world of jazz classics, putting his unique spin on well-known tunes from the likes of Charlie Parker, Michel Legrand, and Horace Silver.

“Standard-Ized!” is a true testament to the lively and loose energy that the trombonist brings to the table. Whether it's the high-flying bop numbers like "Mayreh," "Just in Time," and "Nutville," or the more mellow ballads like Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed," the band sounds like they're having the time of their lives. The spontaneity and excitement in the music are palpable and infectious, as the ensemble takes classics and gives them an entirely new twist.

The album boasts a range of ensembles, from trios to septets, with some tracks even featuring a string quartet. Goletz's arrangements are varied and always captivating, offering a fresh take on classic jazz tunes. "The Summer Knows" is a standout track, featuring a lush string arrangement, while "Summertime" gets a Latin twist. Stanley Turrentine's "Sugar" is reimagined as a trombone, bass, and drums trio, showcasing Goletz's versatility as a musician.

What truly sets this album apart is the caliber of musicianship on display. Goletz has assembled some of the finest New York-based players, including Don Braden and LaJuan Carter, to bring his musical vision to life. "Standard-ized!" is the perfect soundtrack for a night out at your private jazz club, with its lively energy and captivating arrangements sure to leave listeners wanting more.


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