Dorian Gray – Long Voyage Home

Long Beach, California, is home to the sonic wizardry of Progressive Ambient Artist, Dorian Gray. His music is a hypnotic fusion of ethereal pads, pulsing synths, and rumbling sub-frequencies, all blended to create a truly unique listening experience.

With influences from 80s and 90s synthwave, Dorian Gray's latest album, "Long Voyage Home," is a journey through a world of blissful ambience. Each track is a mesmerizing blend of soundscapes and rhythms, perfect for your meditative, chillout, and ambient playlists.

Dorian Gray's innovative approach to electronic music has gained him a dedicated following, and it's no surprise why. His sonic creations transport listeners to other dimensions, inviting them to lose themselves in the ethereal soundscapes he creates. So go ahead, add Dorian Gray to your playlists, and get ready for a truly mind-bending musical experience.


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