Depeche Mode - Spirits in the Forest

Depeche Mode Spirits in the Forest Blu-ray edtionFollowing the 2017/2018 Global Spirit Tour by Depeche Mode, Spirits in the Forest saw the band play to over 3 million fans at 115 shows around the world. This multi-disc set contains visual content within this special CD/DVD package that was directed by award-winning filmmaker and long-time artistic collaborator Anton Corbijn. The package is available in both CD/Standard DVD, and CD/Blu-ray formats. DVD 1 includes the theatrically released Spirits in the Forest (approx: 82 minutes), a dive into the deeply emotional stories of six special Depeche Mode fans. The film weaves together exhilarating musical performances filmed at the final shows of the tour with intimate documentary footage filmed in each of the fans’ hometowns. DVD 2 includes the exclusive, never before seen, Live Spirist concert film (approx: 126 minutes), which is the full live show shot at The Waldbühne, Berlin, on July 23rd and 25th, 2018. The package also includes the full Live Spirit Soundtrack, the 2 CD audio component of the full concert film.

Released June 26, 2020


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2 CD + 2 Blu-ray version.  Also available in other editions and through streaming sites.



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