Dean Mucetti & Rhythm Real - Isolate//Integrate

Drummer Dean Mucetti, known for his dedication to music education, is now releasing his debut album titled "Isolate//Integrate" with his band Rhythm Real. The album, consisting of six collective songs led by Mucetti, features some of his former students who have excelled in their musical careers. Raised in Southern California's San Fernando Valley, Mucetti's passion for drumming was influenced by his sister and the band Duran Duran. Despite initial resistance from his mother, Mucetti pursued drumming and honed his skills through collaborations and his love for funk and jazz music.

Having taught music and mentored numerous young musicians, Mucetti formed Rhythm Real as a workshop ensemble in 2015. The band provided his former middle school students with valuable playing experience, and with the addition of experienced musicians, they began performing at renowned jazz venues in Los Angeles. The current lineup for "Isolate//Integrate" includes Mucetti on drums, Miguel Ortiz on bass, Dore Wallace and Jon Aparicio on guitars, Alex Williams on piano, and Brian Hargrove on keyboards. The album blends funky, groovy sounds reminiscent of James Brown and Bootsy Collins with the improvisational traditions of jazz legends like Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. While the underlying funk groove is well defined, the fiery edges of fusion are found within the blistering guitar solos and intricate polyrhythms keyboards.


When the COVID-19 pandemic halted live performances, Mucetti and his band focused on creating an album. They explored new musical approaches, deconstructing and reconstructing their existing work to develop unique compositions. To adapt to the post-vaccinated pandemic situation, they adjusted the band's configuration and excluded horns from the recording. The title "Isolate//Integrate" symbolizes the journey of the pandemic and their creative process.

Dean Mucetti's passion for drumming and his dedication to teaching and mentoring have nurtured young musicians, transforming them into true artists, as evident in this album. "Isolate//Integrate" offers a captivating fusion of funk and jazz with an exceptional instrumental configuration.

Released March 30, 2023.


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