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I have followed multi-instrumentalist composer David Franklin over the years as he has progressed from a folk-rock musician into a more ambient and introspective new age artist. Self-taught, Franklin embraces musical expressions as a way to navigate life, initially telling stories with words and now through musical interpretation.

Three decades in on his tenth studio release, Passings is far from melancholy, rather it vibrantly expresses recent challenges over the past couple of years. Passings is a very strong follow-up to Franklin’s ZMR Top 10-charting 2017 albums “Songs of Potential Embrace” and his 2015 work “Dancing with Shadows.” This 2022 release continues Franklin’s belief that music is one of humanity’s most powerful tools for healing. And I completely agree, his music emotionally touches the listener, giving way to beauty and grace for the precious gift of life.

Carrying forward the spirit of Michael Hedges, along with the etchings of other artists on the Windham Hill and Narada labels, Franklin intertwines melody with free flowing movement. He adds in unexpected twists and burst of energy, evoking rhythmic grooves rooted in rock, falling into serene passages that speak fluidly in the language of music. Shifting tempo and elevating in dynamics, these pieces express a broad range of feelings, by the end leaving the listener completely at peace.

The collection of 15 contemporary instrumental soundscapes have been tinted with synths under Franklin’s acoustic guitar, piano, and programmable music box. It also features his son Alex Franklin (aka Owl Licks) and the renowned fretless bass master, Michael Manring, all songs have been steeped in the best teas of the new age style and textured with experimental edges.

Together, they recorded songs that honor the many transitions and endings which have happened in Franklin's life over the past few years: the death of both his parents, his children leaving home, changes related to the pandemic, and other profound endings. Franklin comments, “These soundscapes have given me a sense of peace somehow and my hope is that they may offer something to others…”

Released February 18, 2022.


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