Cloud Chaser - Violet Echoes

Berlin's Berghain DJ has released an EP under the project name “Cloud Chaser,” taking listeners on a cinematic-techno journey with their late 2022 release. Inspired by dystopian worlds and distant galaxies, with shades of groups lsuch as Moderat, Rival Consoles, Tangerine Dream, and Vangelis blended in, the 7-track release is an electronica feast for the senses.

The opening track, "Bloom," sets the tone with its atmospheric drone, while "Levitation" carries us through the trials and unknowns of an otherworldly mission with retro synths and counterpoint pads. "Violet Echoes" hits the sweet spot with its steppy beat and uplifting analog synths, while "Travesty" adds drama and hints of IDM to the mix.

As we travel further on, "Cascade" brings a wave of '80s nostalgia with rolling arpeggios and analog pads that build to a bright energy. "Star Hunter" guides us with dreamy synths towards the final mission, while EP closer, "Spun," takes us even further into unknown galaxies with its intense drive and the feeling of being swallowed into a black hole.

This debut effort from Cloud Chaser leaves us eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their production journey. Where will they take us next?


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