Bett Butler & Joël Dilley - Gracia

"Gracia" is a captivating new album by multi-instrumentalist/composer Joël Dilley and vocalist Bett Butler. The album features a series of musical conversations that delve into the surreal nature of life during a time of plague. With six ambient instrumental tracks, "Gracia" draws inspiration from various genres such as electronica, Americana, world music, meditation, and prayerful chant. The music offers a rich listening experience that can be enjoyed both attentively and as soothing ambient background sounds.

The centerpiece of the album is the 15-minute title track, which periodically builds up to an orchestral climax of celebration. According to Dilley, this track represents the intense gratitude they felt for life as they confronted its fragility, and the process of finding grace in the face of fundamental change.

Dilley and Butler, who have enjoyed a decades-long personal and professional partnership, bring their eclectic backgrounds to "Gracia." Dilley's previous albums have explored diverse genres like Latin/R&B/funk, jazz, world fusion, and New Age. On this album, he composed and played all parts using both conventional and improvised instruments. Butler, an award-winning songwriter, has ventured into blues/R&B and singer/songwriter genres. However, on "Gracia," she utilizes her voice purely as an instrument, without lyrics.

Together, Dilley and Butler create a musical experience that combines their unique talents, resulting in an album that showcases their artistic versatility and profound exploration of life's uncertainties. "Gracia" invites listeners to embark on a contemplative journey, intertwining elements of different cultures and musical traditions to create a thought-provoking and immersive sonic landscape.

Released September 25, 2022.


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