Anubis - Homeless

For the uninitiated, Anubis is a progressive rock band with strong neo-prog leanings from Australia. I have collected their previous five studio albums, and immediately picked up their 2020 release “Homeless.” While I can easily see this becoming my new favorite from the band, sadly Homeless is also their shortest. I wager that this was written with the vinyl revival in mind, and classic analog audiophiles will find it available on a single vinyl record. Homeless is also released on compact disc, and as an 88.2kHz / 24-bit download in WAVE or FLAC from their BandCamp page. Fans can pick up either of the physical media formats and still receive the hi-res download as part of the package. A digital only edition is available too.

Anubis says “Homeless is written from an individual’s perception of their world as it exists in 2020. From the ever-increasing reliance on technology to the increase in inequality and poverty. From rampant populism to the crumbling environment in which we live; from the vacuous ‘thoughts and prayers’ from the leaders elected to enact change in people’s lives to the individual’s never-ending quest for enlightenment, empathy and heart.” While the cover art seems to allude to the Australian bushfires, this apparently is purely coincidental. Yet, current events do give an added poignancy to this release.

Available on CD or Vinyl, also as hi-res 88.2kHz / 24-bit stereo download from BandCamp.


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