Altan - Local Ground

Originally released in 2005, Altan's 10th studio album “Local Ground” has been reissued with the bonus track, “Andy Dixon's/Ríl Chois Claidigh/The Swilly Reel,” previously only available on the Japanese release. The renowned Irish traditionalists have always celebrated and valued the "local" sound in their music, realizing that music can be said to be of and from a place. This celebration of place is important to Altan; they're always aware of their geographical and musical roots in Donegal, way up in the northwest of Ireland. Donegal is a place of great beauty, and the rugged landscape is reflected both in the character of the people and in the music, culture and language of it's people. After over three decades, Altan retain the energy and enthusiasm that originally shaped and propelled their music, with friendships that have been forged and proven in innumerable kitchen and pub sessions from their beginnings in Ireland to concert halls and stages throughout the world.

Reissued January 13, 2021. 


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