Metallica – S&M2

S&M2 is a live concert film from Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony originally released in theaters in October 2019. Considered the concert event of that year, the film has been transferred to DVD and Blu-ray for home theater viewing. The concert features 20 songs across 2.5 plus hours of music, compiled from the two-night event that opened San Francisco’s new Chase Center and features many Metallica fan favorites and 2 unique classical songs chosen by San Francisco Symphony Musical Director Michael Tilson Thomas. This 2020 home theater release is newly re-edited by the band and re-mixed by Greg Fidelman with remastered audio by Bob Ludwig for a whole new look and sound from the original theatrical run.

Rhino has created a myriad of editions to choose from, including a four half mastered LP, 2 CD, and 1 Blu-ray Deluxe Edition suited for deep pocketed fans, a 2CD + 1 Blu-ray set or 2 CD + 1 DVD set, along with a choice of a stand-alone Blu-ray or DVD edition are available for the rest of us.

Released August 28, 2020


 Format Info

Bluray or DVD, and also on CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download, Also available on Streamings Services.



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