Steven Wilson - To the Bone

Back with his fifth solo release, Steven Wilson fuses his breed of futuristic progressive rock layered with a spectrum of electronic soundscapes that are sure to become classic over time. Strengthening his place in the world of pop, long-time fans will still hear delicate atmospheres, wild guitars and a rich set of songs. Stepping further onto the world stage, this marks his first album with Caroline International.

As is true with his previous releases, the album covers a general topic, this time ranging from a distain of the technology age, to the paranoid chaos of the post-truth era , as well as observations of the daily lives of religious fundamentalists. The eleven track album is a high resolution snapshot of the disconcerting times we live in.

Holding true to his passion for multi-channel high resolution audio, To the Bone is released on Blu-ray. However, at the time of this writing it is not known which codecs are available in high resolution. Analog enthusiasts can get the album on vinyl too.

Scheduled for release August 18, 2017


Steven Wilson Says, "Permanating’ represents a departure from the rest of the album and the more melancholic material I'm known for in that it's probably the most joyous piece of pure pop I've ever recorded. In my mind this is what ABBA and Electric Light Orchestra would sound like as produced by Daft Punk! While I expect it to create healthy debate amongst my listeners, it's one of the songs I'm most proud of on the new record."


  • Blu-ray assumed to have 5.1 and Stereo high resolution audio.  Also available on vinyl.

Sorry, no audio preview is available.

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